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Winemaking Philosophy
Vineyards and Appellations

Winemaking Philosophy
Just what makes Artesa the Jewel of Carneros and one of Napa's most exciting wineries? Well, there's only one way to make great wine - with the finest grapes. We take a multi-appellation approach to winemaking. That vineyard and appellation philosophy is the foundation for all the wines we make.

To examine our winemaking, let's look at where it begins - in the vineyard:

Napa Carneros estate
Our roots are in the coolest portion of the Napa Valley, on a 352-acre Carneros estate ideal for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. But our reach is long.

Best vineyards and appellations
Artesa seeks out the finest vineyards in the foremost appellations for each grape variety we produce to secure the highest quality fruit available. That way, our wines are the highest expression of both variety and appellation.

Our newest vineyard properties
In addition to our Carneros estate, Artesa has purchased over 400 acres in the Alexander Valley to grow Bordeaux varieties, and 180 acres on Atlas Peak in the Napa Valley devoted to growing the best Cabernet Sauvignon.

World-class winemaker and staff
Mark Beringer brings a wealth of experience and winemaking accolades to our facility.

Winemaker's wish-list of equipment
Our facility is custom-designed to handle numerous small lots of grapes, juice and wine individually with a host of winemaking options.

Small lot production
We handcraft wines from single vineyard blocks, treating them individually and keeping them separate throughout the winemaking process. Only the best lots become Artesa wines.

Slower, gentler winemaking
Over-sized equipment, gravity flow, minimal distances, state-of-the-art gentle presses, specialized pumps and custom-made vessels - everything at Artesa ensures that every increment of quality will be captured.

Cutting-edge experimentation
In addition to our Bordeaux (Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot) and Burgundy (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir) programs, Artesa has other exciting "limited release" wines. We're constantly exploring winemaking techniques and different varieties, including Albariño, Tempranillo, Pinot Blanc, and Cabernet Franc.